How do I Reprint an Old Payslip?

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The following article explains how to re-print payslips from a previous payroll period.

More Information

Go to " Payroll Payroll Procedures/Reports Payroll Report Generator".

  • Enter 'Payslip' in the "Filter on:" box.
  • Click [Search].
  • Look for a report called 'SPR' - Small Payslips. Click on this and click [Start].
  • Enter the appropriate employee codes in the "From:" and "To:" range.
If you only want 1 payslip for 1 employee enter the same employee code in both "From:" and "To:".
  • Set the "Tax Year Start:" to the start of the appropriate payroll year e.g. If the payroll year is 2009-2010 enter '2009'.
  • Enter the appropriate Payroll Frequency.
  • Enter the payroll week number for the payslip you require in "Payroll Period".
  • Click [Start] or press <F2> to print.

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